Not sure? Here are 5 key reasons to choose Fluid for your next building approval.

We are experienced

At Fluid we have the industry experience and knowledge that counts:

– Over 50 years of combined building certification experience
– We know councils – our certifiers have worked for, or with councils
– We have internal Town Planners for those tricky jobs

We understand every minute counts

At Fluid, you can be assured that every minute counts:

– We digitally queue and track every job
– Our Fluid certifiers are on the road daily
– Each approval is assigned to one certifier
– Each certifier is supported by a building administration specialist

We communicate clearly

Our aim is to communicate clearly and regularly:

– We take the time to explain what’s involved
– We use words you can understand
– We aim to keep you updated

Our prices are competitive

Building approval can be defined as a small investment to protect your largest assets. When you receive building approval you:

-Do it right the first time
-Comply with local council, state and federal laws and reduce your risk
-Maximise the re-sale value of your property

Best of all – we are friendly!

Don’t you love friendly customer service. At Fluid, above all our aim is to smile and brighten your day!